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Poésie qui parle perle d'instant
Les merles se transforment en mésanges
les oiseaux du #ciel me chuchotent un brin d'éternel.
Il fait beau, néons allumés
Dans mon nez, l’air conditionné
Rien n’a changé
Un scorpion sadique et cruel
Arpente une prison psychiatrique
Et s’approprie l’obscurité


SLOGAN is a book 2.0 consisting in gathering short poems to project them on the walls of Marseille developed during an artist residency at YesWeCamp!

What happened?

On August 7, 2013, we (Timothée et Clément, a.k.a the Collignon brothers) went down to Marseille, european capital of culture. We settled down at YesWeCamp! Slept in the Kiosque, and worked on its first floor. We were a little late in our plans, we had to produce thousands of images and put them online, without even mentioning all the texts we had to collect to make the project live.

Having learned to play with a not-so-reliable internet connection and a temperamental generator, we were finally ready to go around the city project our stuff on the walls: at the Riou hotel, near the cours Julien, at the vallon des Auffes, in Mourepiane... we were switching between l'Estaque and the city center.

HashTag, the final live show

HashTag, with guests Dorothée Munyaneza (dance), and Nicolas Wauquiez (Popalecran - music)is a 30minutes stage performance mixing video, reading, dance and music that closed the residency.


Yes We Camp!
Participative events for Marseille Provence 2013, YesWeCamp is an alternative and experimental campground, focused on ecology and performative architecture, build on the wharfs at l'Estaque, open from may to septembre 2013. The project proposed a cultural programme, workshops, playground, a snack, a bar, and innovative sleeping facilities.


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